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One Earth Deposits, Inc.
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Our Mission

One Earth’s mission is to provide awareness and access to environmentally friendly products to minimize plastic waste.  We provide you with ways to. return your deposit bottles without having to wait on lines, deal with reverse vending machines or visit seedy locations.  With One Earth Deposits, Inc. we make the return process quick, clean and hassle free. 


In addition to processing your deposit bottles and returning your refund, we also operate a storefront selling green and upcycled products with the aim of reducing impact to both the local and global environment.



  • To reduce the production and use of certain single–use plastic products and packaging.
  • To improve the responsibility of producers in the design, collection, reuse, recycling, and disposal of their consumer products and packaging.
  • To prevent pollution from consumer products and packaging from entering animal and human food chains and waterways.

We at One Earth Deposits, Inc. offer different ways to help you recycle your deposit bottles.  We make the process quick, clean and hassle free benefiting both the customer and the environment. 

Please come in and visit us at any of our locations!

648 Horseblock Road
Farmingville, NY, 11738

New locations opening soon!

Bellport!   Medford!   Riverhead!


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