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Have you ever considered the consequences of using plastics on our environment?  Plastics kill both ocean and terrestrial life, create chemical pollution and also decompose into microplastics which make their way into the food chain.  Recycling plastics can make an enormous difference in the future of both humans and other animals’ lives on our planet.  


One Earth Deposits, Inc. is a local Long Island company dedicated to making a difference to our local ecology.  Despite local recycling efforts, many plastic products still find their way into local landfills.  Often people are reluctant to return their deposit bottles whether it be a problem with reverse vending machines at supermarkets or traveling to seedy beer distribution locations.  Our company strives to reduce both the stress to the customers and to the environment by making the return process quick, clean and hassle free.


At One Earth Deposit, we care about the environment and are happy to help our clients redeem their deposit bottles in a way that is quick, clean and hassle free. 


We offer multiple ways to help you recycle your deposit bottles and save you the time and the hassle of the usual methods and we return the deposit back to you.  Choose from any of the following:

  • Drop off your bottles at any of our locations- simply drop and go.  We will count them and hold your money in an account for you until you come in and redeem them
  • Fill out a pickup form here on our website, call us at 631-846-4243 or email to schedule a pickup of bottles from your home or place of business.
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Get your deposit back

Don’t have to patience to return your empty plastic bottles, waiting on lines, broken machines, etc?  With an account, you can simply drop them off and go.  If you have a stockpile, we can help – let us come to you, pick them up and give you back your deposit.  It’s quick, clean and hassle free!

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Upcycle Materials

Upcycling is the process of repurposing items that would normally end up in a landfill and using them for a new purpose keeping these items from ending up in a landfill or an incinerator.  Upcycled products reduce both consumption of raw materials and the energy used to produce them.

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Reduce Pollution

Recycling prevents many air and water pollutants from reentering the environment via incineration and ocean dumping and helps reduce further pollution from the extraction of new materials.  We here at One Earth Deposits, Inc. are dedicated to helping reduce pollution on Long Island.

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